Sri Aurobindo Intergral Education And Research Center

Rajgangpur, Odisha
Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. Affiliation No: 1530071, School Code: 09713


With a vision to serve the humanity at large through the divine principle for the removal of ignorance and to provaide integral education SAIE & Rc laid its foundation in 1988. SAIE & RC is a special Holistic Institute, aiming at the integral development of the budding children. It has been founded uo on the educational principles, idologies and philosophies of  The Mother and Sri Auronbindo. The most  The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. The most priority is given to inculcate each students intellectual , physical ,vital ,psychic and spiritual abilities to his/her fullest in co-operation with parents within the scope of the school’s resources. In other words the school aims to provide a variety of skills to the budding human generation, such as emotional growth , social interaction , physical awareness aesthetic awareness, intellectual and spiritual responses which are educational principles of Sri Maa & Sri Aurobindo. Further the school makes ready the students to actualise in themselves the divine presence and prepare the society and mankind to realise the supramental manifestation as envisioned by the great yogi Sri Aurobindo. The school envisages for a spiritual society and making a thrilling bond with the Almighty, being a follower to Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondichery.

SAIE & RC, offiliated to Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi aims at looking beyond the frontiers of the curriculum and making learning a delightful , effective & self-driven process to nurture the talents of the students. Integral Education of SAIE & RC is the key factor with stress on naturalistic , progmatistic ,idealistic and democratic philosophies . 

The School aims at an all round development of the child i.e physical,mental spititual , vital & psychic based on the philosophy of srimaa and sri Aurobindo. SAIE&RC’s vision is to create an advanced gurukul of Senior Secondary level Science and commerce learning of national standard where pursuit of knowledge and excellence will be soul Motto. Senior Secondary level Education is the getway of academic career. The need of proper education in Senior Secondary level is the stepping stone to start the academic journey in the emerging and challenging education system. Sinve it is a phase of transition between the secondary and senior secondary, it needs proper care and right guidance to groom the children to face the challenges ahead . SAIE&RC is committed to the all round development of a student giving proper launching pad for the future.

We share your concern, Care your Child sri maa